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The time with you and Namgyel and the wonderful itinerary were just extraordinary!  I really think the trip for me was life-changing, because it opened up wide for me a people and culture that I just knew nothing about before.  The absolute beauty of the high country, the every-day role of the people's religion in every aspect of their lives, and the exquisite color and artistry of Tibetan Buddhism (even for non-Buddhists like me) were really unforgettable.  So was the very special time we spent with your family and with Namgyel's family.  That gift of hospitality has been somewhat lost in much of the West, and it was very moving to me.

Sue J, USA

I have been travelling with Jimpa for almost 7years now and I am pleased to say that he is a guide of experience whom I cantrust hundred per cent. He always did his best to please me and concretizemost of my wishes. His large network of aquaintances , his perfect knowledge ofTibetan area, history and customs, allowed me to travel off the beaten tracks and discover whatgenuine Tibet and tibetans are. Being always available, attentive andenterprising, every time I went,  He made my trip unique. For all thosereasons I warmly recommand him as a very thruthfull tour operator and as aguide full of respect to people and nature.

Marianne B.

It was so nice to be with you during this last week, a  great privilege to listen to your explanations. I  have learned many things  and I intend to read more about Tibetan culture and history. Tonight I fly back to Switzerland and am looking forward seeing my  family. I will tell them how beautiful our trip was. My best regards to the nice driver who drove us so smoothly.

With all my best regards and amitiés!

Claudine G.

My sincere thanks for th marvellous trip which you have organized for us in Gansu and Qinghai. You have done a wonderful job showing us so many things which we would not have been able to find alone, explaining us so many details about land and people without which we would not understand many things the way we may do now. 

Warm regards and all the best to you,

Michael S.

Guide professionel Tibetain

 -parfaite connaissance des sitesgéographiques et  culturels. Sa bonne implantation locale lui permetde faire partager aisément les us et coutumes de la vie agrico-pastoraleTibétaine.

- très bonne adaptabilité ux groupeset individuels. Parfaite connaissance des points d'intérêts des visiteurs, enparticulier américains et européens toutes générations confondues.

- grandesqualités personnelles : ponctualité, efficacité, disponibilité. Grand sens dela responsabilité dans la conduite du groupe.

Jacqueline C.

I’ve been leading study tours to China for many years and I’ve known dozens of wonderful guides, but I’ve never worked with a better guide than Jimpa Gyamtso. I take groups of 25 to 40 U.S.college students (who are studying in Shanghai) to Qinghai and Yunnan two or three times a year. Jimpa was our guide a year ago, and since then I’ve asked him to organize and lead all our 8-day trips to west and southwest China. The four trips we’ve done together have each been spectacular. The organization I work for wants to give students a cultural experience they wouldn’t be able to find on their own, one that opens their eyes to another side of China. Jimpa understands this. With his organizing and guiding, we’ve shared tea with nomads, played basketball with monks, climbed a mountain on mules, made an impromptu stop at a Lisu family’s courtyard house (where the owner sang to us), and home-stayed with villagers in southern Yunnan. We’ve also hiked Tiger Leaping Gorge and rolled down sand dunes above Qinghai Lake. At the end of each semester, students assess our programs. In every instance, they have given the trips and Jimpa highest marks, as do I—for his professionalism; his knowledge and understanding of the local cultures of western China (particularly Tibetan culture); his energy and enthusiasm; and his sensitivity to the needs of thegroup. I give him my highest recommendation.

Michelle Sans - 
Resident Director, Fudan Program - 
The Alliance for Global Education, LLC

I traveled several timeswith Jimpa Gyamtso as a guide. During these travels, heproved in all circumstances, is such a highly professional organization, foresight, punctuality and reliability. He proved at every moment an unquestionable competence. In addition to these qualities, he never departed from his good humor and always presents you with a smile.

Thanks to him, the route is always lined with interestingdiscoveries and unpublished, especially since it hasan impressive network of "relationship", which allows him to lead you after a few phone calls to the unexpected and out the box.

Its multilingual (chinese, tibetan, english, french) ensures excellent communication. In short, Jimpa is THE reference guide for a trip toAsia. I can’t imagine a trip to the continent withouthim to guide.

Angela P.